Dr. Amy Krambeck's has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles covering a broad range of topics. Areas of her expertise include surgical and medical management of kidney stones as well as HoLEP and BPH. Her current research interests include: healthcare quality improvement, kidney stones during pregnancy, reducing the use of narcotics, and improving the efficiency and safety of current Endourologic procedures. Please see below for a select list of highlighted publications.  Her full list of publications is available online.


The authors identified that Dr. Krambeck's team is highly successful in achieving same day discharge after HoLEP even in very large prostate glands


The authors identified that the true failure rate of OF-URS is higher than previously thought at 16.6% and 14.0%. However, efforts to reduce opioid prescriptions with OF-URS pathways have successfully reduced new-persistent opioid use.


Our findings showed that the MOSES laser was able to stop bleeding (hemostasis) faster than other laser fibers


We published our results showing that 90% of patients were able to be discharged and also have their catheters removed the same day as their HoLEP surgery


Dr. Krambeck was a member of the American Urological Association Guidelines committee for surgical stone disease


Dr. Krambeck was the first author of the AUA core curriculum section on Surgical Stone Disease


Dr. Krambeck was a co-author on the chapter for Surgical Management for Upper Urinary Tract Calculi in the main Urology textbook


Dr. Krambeck is involved in multi-institutional collaboration, including this publication in Nature Reviews Urology by Dr. Mayanda Sivaguru and Dr. Bruce Fouke, which discovered a new paradigm for approaching kidney stones.


Dr. Krambeck's team found that women undergoing ureteroscopy for stone removal during pregnancy were not exposed to more anesthesia than patients who had ureteral stenting

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