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Dr. Amy Krambeck provides expert and compassionate care to all of her patients.  She has performed thousands of kidney stone and HoLEP surgeries. Some patients who had no other options, have benefited greatly after meeting with Dr. Krambeck.  Read more below:

Senior Man

"Dr. Krambeck is a world-class surgeon and she has a wonderful bedside manner. She is like an angel and we are so happy with the results of our HoLEP surgery"

Gary K.

Happy Senior Couple

"My stream hasn't been this strong since I was 20 years old.  I wish I had the HoLEP surgery 20 years ago!"

Bill N.

Attractive Young Woman

"I had seen multiple other physicians before I met Dr. Krambeck that just weren't able to help me.  Thanks to Dr. Krambeck's exceptional expertise, I regained my hope for recovery!"

Patti T.


“Amy Krambeck, who’s one of the best kidney stone doctors on the planet, and she’s out of Indianapolis, where I live,” Mitrione said. “She went in to my body ... and found 24 kidney stones, and they removed them all"

Link to Mitrione Interview

Matt Mitrione

Man with Hat

"For several years, I avoided the wilderness and camping out of fear of another medical emergency from my kidney stones, but 9 months after my surgery with Dr. Krambeck, I'm back to running 40 miles per week without any issues! I'm planning my next camping trip soon."

Omar L.

Senior Man

"My life before my HoLEP surgery was depressing.  I was physically and emotionally drained and I was in the ER three times just the week before the surgery.  Now I feel like a new man.  I've lost 45 lbs and my A1c is down to 5.9%. Now I see my old catheter supplies and I'm reminded of how lucky I am to have met Dr. Krambeck.  I truly feel God sent his blessings to me through her!"

David A.

Disclaimer: For patient privacy photos may not be of actual patient