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Will my insurance cover my visit or Surgery?

You should call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Krambeck.  If you are located out of state, Dr. Krambeck can schedule the visit virtually and you can get your lab work done locally with your local physician. Most insurances will cover this initial consultation without any trouble.


If Dr. Krambeck determines that HoLEP is appropriate for you, there is usually a wait time of 1-2 months prior to surgery.  The Northwestern finance office will ensure that your insurance will provide some level of coverage for your surgery.  Most patients have no issues with coverage of HoLEP as it is a necessary surgery and has excellent long-term outcomes.


Do you offer financing options?

There are financing options available through Northwestern Medicine


I am coming in from out of town, how should I plan my travel?

Even if you are discharged the same-day (which is the case in about 85% of HoLEPs), you should plan to fly home about 2-3 days after the surgery just in case any complications occur, we can deal with it while you are still local


Will my surgery get cancelled because of COVID?

As of 1/4/22, Dr. Krambeck is still performing HoLEP surgeries


What is the hospital COVID testing policy?

You must have a negative nasopharyngeal PCR COVID test 48-72 hours prior to your planned surgery date.  If you are coming in from out of town, the easiest thing to do is to notify Dr. krambeck's team who can order you a COVID test through Northwestern and you can get the PCR test completed 1-2 days prior to surgery.


What other tests might Dr. Krambeck need?

If you are having a consultation with Dr. Krambeck for the first time, having up to date labs (complete blood count, basic metabolic panel), urine culture or urinalysis within 2 months, PSA level, any prior prostate biopsy results, or recent CT/MRI or ultrasound of prostate for prostate sizing will be helpful.  Having all of these items completed is not required to have a consultation or to be a candidate for HoLEP

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HoLEP Educational Material

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HoLEP Pre-operative Checklist

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